TThis page shows some of the work of Herbert Smith in the film industry over a 40 year period.

Herbert worked in the booking department of Ruffell’s, Imperial Bioscope, later with the Standard `Film Agency, then joined Essenay Film Services, Fox and Anima Film Co.

He started in production with G.B.Samuelson, Red Aces, 1930, Asst.dir. joined Paramount British for the production of The Officer’s Mess, then in 1931
went to work for his elder brother Sam at British Lion as assistant director on The Frightened Lady, The Calendar, Whiteface, There Goes the Bride, Sally Bishop, The Ringer, King of the Ritz. Herbert then started to direct in 1930 with On the Air, In Town Tonight, Soft Lights and Sweet Music, Calling all Stars, It’s a Grand Old World, Leave it to Me, He’s Got Everything, In 1938,
I’ve Got a Horse, Around the Town, Home from Home and in 1939, All at Sea. By this time he was the production supervisor at Beaconsfield Studios.
At Denham, Herbert was a great one for deleting his name from the credits. As Executive Producer or Production Executive many films he controlled went by uncredited, such as Henry V and Hamlet both with Laurence Olivier. There are many others not mentioned here.


On the Air (1934) Night Mail (1934) They Didn't Know (1936) Soft Lights and Sweet Music (1936) Leave It to Me (1937) It's a Grand Old World (1937) Calling All Stars (1937) I've Got a Horse (1938) Around the Town (1938) Home from Home (1939)


Case of the Frightened Lady (1940) Demi-Paradice (1943)

PRODUCED/Assoc.Producer/Production Supervisor, Production Executive:

Night Mail (1933) Yes Madame (1933) This is Your Life (1933) That is My Wife (1933) Strike it Rich (1933) Marooned (1933) Keep It Quiet (1933) Great Stuff (1933) CleaningUp (1933) I'll Stick to You (1933) Gay Love (1934) Without You (1934) The Stickpin (1933) Wife Or Two (1934) Warn London (1934) Passing Shadows (1934) On the Air (1934) Night Mail (1934) The Man I Want (1934) The Green Pack (1934) Flat Number Three (1934) Marry the Girl (1935) Line Engaged (1935) Charing Cross Road (1935) Case of Gabrial Perry (1935) The Big Splash (1935) SoftLights and Sweet Music (1936) Jury's Evidence (1936) It's You I Want (1936) Interrupted Honeymoon (1936) The Happy Family (1936) Melody and Romance (1937) Fine Feathers (1937) I've Got a Horse (1938) Around the Town (1938)Return of the Frog (1938) Home from Home (1939) All at Sea (1940) Alibi (1942) Assoc.Prod. Mr.Emmanual (1944)Prod.Man. Tawny Pipit (1944)Prod.Man. The Way Ahead (1944) Prod.Exec. Men of Two Worlds (1946) Green for Danger 1946 (Prod.Exec.) They Were Not Devided (1950) Treasure Island (1950) Exec. Producer in charge of production. Faithful City (1952) [Associate Producer.] Tommy Steele Story (1957) Cat Girl (1957) The Truth About Women (1958) Ivanhoe TV (1958) 1st seven episodes. 6.5 Special (1958) Too Young To Love (1960)

This is not where the story ends. Herbert got out of the film business for several years dissapointed with Rank's decition to close Denham Studios. He spent 26 years by the sea in Kent where he and his wife Pav ran a seasonal beach cafe between playing golf at North Foreland golf course. He loved the public and they loved him. The cafe named Pav's after his wife was bought in 1950 when Rank put him out of work by closing Denham studios, later deemed to be a mistake as they had just spent a fortune on the sound studio. Films made in Pinewood had to have the music recorded in Denham even though the studio was closed. I took my Dad back to Denham in the 70's just before it was demolished by British Land. A shame as it was a fine art deco building. Photos appear on Herbert's page on this site. Sidney Box persuaded Herbert to come back from Kent to make some musicals. He started with The Tommy Steele Story! and then did 6.5 Special . Then he produced Truth About Women and Too Young to Love. All details on these films can be found on Internet Movie Data Base