This Two Cities lunch was a meeting of some of the most important people in the British film Industry in the 1940-50 period. Now thanks to help from Peter Rogers, his assistant Audrey and Tess from the BFI we have quite a few of the names of the people at the table so clockwise from nearest the camera.

1/ Eric Amber. 2/ Phil C.Samual. 3/ Carol Reed. 4/ Ronald Neame. 5/ Peter Ustinov. 6/ Filippo Del Guideci. 7/ Laurence Olivier. 8/ Jill Craigie. 9/ Roy Bolting. 10/ David Lean. 11/ Roy Ward Baker. 12/ Herbert Smith. 13/ Brian Desmond Hurst. 13a Charles Saunders, (right hand on table) 14/ Anatole de Grunwald. 15/ Antony Asquith. Of the 24 people on the picture 2 are well hidden so this leaves a six who are possible to identify so if anyone can help please email me.

A press release from Two Cities Films Ltd. dated 16/1/1947 : Two Cities Films Lts takes much pleasure in announcing the duties of Production Executive in charge of the technical aspects of all their productions will continue to be carried out by Herbert Smith with whom they have now made a fresh five year contract. Herbert Smith, who was the brother of the late Sam Smith, founder of British Lion Films, is a well known figure in the British film industry with which he has been connected for many years. He was the Director and Production Supervisor of British Lion's Studios at Beaconsfield up to the time they were requisitioned by the Government, and since then has been with Two Cities Films Ltd. , at first as Associate Producer and since June 1945 in the capacity of Production Executive in charge of the technical side of ALL their productions. Below is a poster of one of these, Henry V.
Here we have a list of all the Rank contracted artists dated May 1949. It makes quite a good who's who of the British film industry of the period. The expiry dates refer to their contracts with J.Arthur Rank..