Herbert started sweeping the studio floors, worked at Gainsborough Studios, spent much time as a young man on the road distributing films from the back of his car. He worked with Edgar Wallace on his crime movies. Herbert's brother, Sam went to Canada in 1924 and installed the "talkies" in theatres over there, then came back and started British Lion Films, Herbert was also a founder member of the company. Sorry that some of these photos are not in pristine condition but I think they are still worth seeing. ©Barrie Smith 2007
The location set of Tawny Pipit, 1944 near Burford. Right with Sandy Powell and Gina Malo It's a Grand Old World 1937.
A young Jean Simmons, Felix Aylmer in Mr Emmanuel (1944)
Bernard Miles above who starred & directed The Tawny Pipit 1944. He wrote on the photograph " To Herbert from whom I learnt more than I can ever say with greetings and all kindest wishes" Bernard Miles.
Herbert and Sam Smith, the founders of British Lion Films signing the contact for a young Margaret Lockwood. They also gave Jean Simmonds her start in films, seen above in Mr.Emmanual. Flora Robson in Fire Over England, the famous Jimmy Wong on camera. (1937) Below is a great picture of an important lunch meeting, but where and who? Can you help? see text below
click on the picture to see who these are, plus some other interesting documents from the archives.
Location shot from I've Got a Horse, 1938. Jean Gillie waving in The Tawny Pipit 1944
Above, the very beautiful Chili Bouchier. Top right, actress unknown, can anyone help? Link to Chili biography click here
A great picture of Irwin but no surname, help please. Derek Bond, Joan Hopkins and me on the beach at Margate, in The Weaker Sex 1948. James Mason who bought Herberts house during the war seen here in Fanny by Gaslight (1944). Great still from Night Mail 1934.
Antony Asquith in pensive mood while directing Demi-Paradise. (1943) Below are 3 shots of vintage film cameras & location lights, I can not say where they were taken but interesting for the old equipment shown. Clues as to who they are will be welcome. The one on right might be "I.ve got a Horse" (1938) A guess.

are will be welcome

A great on train action shot filming Night Mail. 1934

A very early shot of The Three Stooges, Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curley Howard. c.1933.The Gent in the suite is Ernst Lubitsch, famous director of To Be or Not to Be. (1942) On the track location filming of Night Mail. (1934) Felix Alymer answers a call, and the Lion who bit off more than he can chew has Charlotte Mansfield in his mouth

Edgar Wallis on the steps of his home, Chalklands, EW's P.A. Miss Rizer, rt.Dilly Weldon cameraman, Cyril King Chief Sparks, Bill Bigsworth, electrician, Arthur Alcott with Pipe, unknown with watch chain.
Two stills of Jean Gillie from The Tawny Pipit (1944) Herbert was the Associate Producer, he realy enjoyed working with his friend Bernard Miles on this film