Herbert made a name for himself working on musicals in the thirties with the idea that he would film most, if not all, of the music hall acts of the period and string these clips together with a thin story line often penned by brother Sam. These proved very popular with the public allowing them to see their favorite stars they had only heard on the radio. The best known were: Soft Lights and Sweet Music (1936), Around the Town (1938), Calling All Stars (1937), On the Air (1934) below Vic Oliver,L. Ambrose,R. Vic Oliver L, Sandy Powel in train. R. © Barrie Smith 2005
Great Denham Sound stage painted by an unknown studio artist. Muir Mathieson conducts. Jack Hylton, Pat Kirkwood in Bandwagon 1940.
Here is the cast's autographs of the production of Soft Lights & Sweet Music. this rare document dates from 1934.some of the autographs are Ambrose, Jack Cooper,Harry Tate, Western Brothers, Five Charladies, Evelyn Dall, Sandy Powell, Max Bacon, Elizabeth Welch, Rhytham Brothers, Wilson Kepple & Betty, Billy Bennett, Donald Stewart, Bob Robinson. Murial Billah, Dorothy Astra, Jenny Gregson, Olga Zita that is all I can read. Below: Herbert & Carroll Gibbons who was in Calling All Stars. 1937 below is a poster
The popular Western Brothers were in Soft Lights & Sweet Music 1934. Wilson Kepple & Betty were favourites of the era. Four Flash Devils danced through Soft Lights, Sweet Music. Billly Bennett, Harry Tate & Bert Ambrose, bottom right. Donald Stewart on left, right, The Char Ladies. Sandy Powell with Les Girls. Herbert with the Chinamen.