Herbert Marshall and Nigel Bruce both worked with Herbert on The Calendar 1931. Herbert was the Assistant Director, these are very rare signed pictures of the old stars. Alfred Drayton with the bald head was also in The Calendar.

Laurence Olivier, Noel Coward and Antony Asquith with the cello player Beatrice Harrison.

Binnie Hale, the blonde beauty worked with Herbert on This is the Life 1933 together with Gordon Harker, reading his paper.

Herbert on the set of The Squeaker, 1930, also featuring Gordon Harker & Nigel Bruce. Another Edgar Wallace thriller studio set , Herbert is on the right with H .Manning Hayes directing, not sure which film this is.

Extremely rare photo of director Ralph Ince, Herbert and Seymour Hicks in the 1935 production of Mr.What's His Name. Below is a very rare photograph of H. Manning Hayes, director, who Herbert worked with on Should a Dr, Tell (1930) and Officers Mess (1931) Herbert acting in on of the Egar Wallace thrillers, I wonder how often he filled in when there was no bit part actor available?
The cast and crew of The Squeaker (1930) Edgar Wallace center and the following names quoted by Herbert: Dilly Welden, camera man,Vic Green, Arthur Allcott, with pipe, Carole Reed, front right with grey bowler, Charles Evernie, Risnut, Cyril King Chief Sparks next to Herbert, middle row 3rd from left, EW's P.A. Miss Rizer on his left. Taken at Chalklands in the house that Edgar Wallace lived in for the last years of his life. It is very close to the film studios in Beaconsfield. below Warwick Ward in To Oblige a Lady (1931) also staring Maisie Gay seen here with Herbert on the set.
On the set with T.Hayes Hunter who directs Cathleen Nesbitt with Herbert by his side on set of The Case of the Frightened Lady (1932) Above Herbert with Warwick Ward and Lilian Oldland on the set of To Oblige a Lady (1931) Very young Anna Neagle holding her man, Lilian Oldland drinking Champers below while Left, Herbert takes tea on set.