Rock'n'Roll is where I came into the story. When Sidney Box asked Herbert to do a musical film on the then new Rock'n'Roll, I was consulted, as at 12 my finger was well on the pulse of what's what on the pop scene. Tommy Steele Story was finished in 1957 just as Tommy was peaking as a rocker.See Tommy's page, click on Tommy. I am seen here on set with Tommy 1957. The great Sax player in Tommy's band was Alan Stuart, bass, Alan Weighell, Dennis Price on piano. This was also the debut of a certain Lional Bart who wrote the score. 6.5 Special also had some great musical names such as John Barry, John Dankworth, Cleo Lane. and Jim Dale, all of whom went on to do great things. © Barrie Smith 2006
Dicky Valentine, with straw hat, 6.5 Special, Jess Conrad was in Herbert's film Too Young to Love (1960) Mike & Bernie Winters from 6.5 Special (1958) Lional Bart who got his 1st movie score in Herbert's Tommy Steele Story (1957) Several top ten hits came from that score. Joan Regan next to Marty Wilde, Vince Eagar and Russ Hamilton, Cleo Lane and Tommy Steele at the Cafe de Paris set.
The Stargazers, 50's pop group who had hits with Twenty Tiny Fingers & The Happy Wonderer
Original poster from 6-5 Special . A great portrait of Russ Hamilton with his beautiful Gibson guitar, could be a 175.The King Brothers from 6-5 Special.

Jackie Dennis getting his shoes polished in Piccadilly, Don Lang also in 6-5 Special. Michael Holliday who had such a special voice and a 50's favourite. ex. Boxer Freddy Mills was also in 6-5 Special, here he is fixing the lighting! EP cover of the Movie 1957.