Herbert bought the cafe in 1951, it was a bit of a shed with a large space outside for seating called "The Garden". Neither Herbert or my Mum ,Pav knew anything about catering or dealing with the public but they were soon to become experts on both. The first time Pav rung up a sale on the beautiful brass embossed National Cash register till, it came out and smacked her in the tummy! After really getting into the swing of seaside catering, disaster struck in the winter of 1953. The tidal wave which struck the South of England hit the cafe and destroyed everything, the ice cream fridges were last seen floating out to sea. A temporary building was used for the summer of 53. The café was rebuilt with interior seating as well as the Garden and was ready for the 54 Summer season.

For many summers, I spent my spare time working in the café learning many of the old music hall jokes Herbert had learned from the likes of Max Wall, Sid Field and many others he had worked with over the early years. Here are some images of how it was. © Barrie Smith.2004

The cafe as it was in 1950 then in 1953 the flood which flattened the cafe and brought havoc to South East Kent, flooding near by Margate. Below , Nik Turner of Hawkwind fame and I in the "Garden" of Pav's c.1973
Some cafe scenes from the later years, Pav's Group with Herbert, Malcolm Dick, Colin Bagge, Gwen Hurrel, Pav, a local beauty whos name escapes me and Len. I think this is 1983. Above there are some working views of Pav's in action with Colin, Malcolm, the pretty girl in the blue T shirt is Jocelyn Phillips.
Herbert in typical good humour with his collection of stars in 1978