Lola T70 Mk3b SL76-148

The Lola T70 at Truxton

In late 1969 Barrie acquired a Lola T70 Mk3b.

It was the now infamous SL76/148, the chassis number which has had three cars under it.

Barrie’s Lola was brand new chassis body unit from the factory with the rebuilt engine and gearbox from the wreck of Pico Troberg’s car which had been crashed by the late great Ronnie Peterson at Zeltweg.

Barrie working on the Lola T70

Lola also supplied all the undamaged parts from the Troberg car for spares so there were loads of spares available.

It was never the best of the Mk3b’s as it never had the important long crankshaft “mod” that most of the other T70Mk3b’s were running.

Nevertheless it was great fun to drive and allowed Barrie to compete in South America and South Africa as well as Europe in 1970.

Wunstorf T70 Mk3255

Class win in South Africa 9 hour race at Kyalami was the best International result as well as winning Trophy of the Dunes at Zandvoort.

Wunstorf T70 Mk3
Buenes Aires
Fassberg track
Lola in Garlinge
Lola T70 Lydden

British wins at Crystal Palace, Silverstone, then class wins at Innsbruck and Saltzberg, 2nd at Diepholtz, 4th at Thruxton, 3rd at Brands Hatch. A good year in the fab, T70 with Chevrolet 5 litre power.

T70 Crystal Palace
T70 in Argentina
T70 Kyalami
Wunstorf 908
Wunstorf Front
Wunstorf Front Row
Wunstorf T70 Mk3
Wunstorf T70
Zandvoort win 70
3 Wheeling T70
AEC Coach
Avalon Garage
1970 Eddy, Barrie and Tony
Barrie and Eddy Keisen
Barrie working on the T70
Crystal Palace chase
Crystal Palace start
Crystal Palace 70
Fassberg, May 1970
T70 side view
Getting in theT70, Lydden
Jackie in F5000
John tuning T70 Lola
Kyalami Lola
Liebold Durrmeier Barrie
Lola at Buenos-Aires
Lola at Zolder
Lola Crystal Palace, Nathan
Lola Lydden, practice
Lydden practice 1970
Malcolm Clark, Ray Green, Baz
Mono Crystal Palace 1970
Pretorius Kyalami
Saltzberg 1970
Saltzberg sponsors 1970
Solo at Crystal-Palace
Swiss Miss
T-70 Crystal Palace, 1970
T70 Argentina
T70 Crystal PALACE
T70 carbs Barrie
T70 in the cover of Corsa Magazine
T70 Crystal Palace 1970
Bird on Lola
T70 Magny Cours, 1970
T70 paddock
Thruxton 1970 4th-place
Wundstorf paddock
Thruxton 4th overall
Lola T70 Thruxton